by Brigadier Arun Bajpai

It has recently come to light that despite US sponsored sanction on North Korea by UN for not stopping its nuclear and ballistic missile programme, china has been supplying refined oil and coal to North Korea clandestinely, making a mockery of these sanctions. It is worth remembering that China is a signatory of these UN sanctions. China is also flying its fighter bombers to circle the Taiwan saying that Taiwan must get accustomed to these drills. China claims that Taiwan is part of main land china and does not hesitate in using military force to make it part of china.

On 29 December ,South Korea has officially come out with a report that on 19 October it had seized a Hong Kong registered Ship, Light House Win more of China, which was transferring 600 tons of refined oil and petroleum products to North Korean Ship, in international waters between China and Korean peninsula. South Korean newspaper Chosun IIbo has confirmed that American spy satellites have detected Chinese Ships transferring oil to North Korean Ships 30 times in October month only. China of course is vehemently denying that any such thing is happening. They are saying that they are a responsible nation and will never think of violating UN resolution. How responsible they are is borne out by the fact that it was China who to contain India within South Asia, had supplied to Pakistan the nuclear bomb technology and facilitated through its puppet proxy, North Korea ,transfer of Missile technology. Whole world knows Chinese assurances are quick sand pits which cannot be relied upon. China has also constructed nine militarised islands in South China Sea which it is claiming as its back yard lake with China controlling 88% of its area.

Needless to say America and its President Donald Trump are very upset by this unethical behaviour of China. it is a fact that American president Trump has explicitly tied Americas trade policy with China, whose North Korea is only major ally apart from Pakistan, to Chinas perceived cooperation in resolving North Korea standoff. Trump says that US had trade deficit with china to the tune of 350 billion which does not include 300 billion dollar theft of intellectual property rights.

From this Chinese behaviour it is very evident that it is playing the game of hunting with hounds and running with hares. It is now clear that China is not going to help America in helping to resolve North Korea crisis. America will realise it soon. So what else is option left for America short of war against North Korea? Needless to say swollen headed with it’s recently acquired economic and military power, China is playing a dangerous game. It is continuing to intimidate Taiwan and its independence minded President Tsi-ingwen. She has made a statement that now Taiwan has no option but to enhance its military capability. China must understand that it will never be able to occupy democratic Taiwan.US now must go all out to nix its one China policy and stand with Taiwan for its security. India must also develop spine and play Taiwan card against China. If China stands with Pakistan then India stands with Taiwan. That should be our policy.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN. IDN does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same