NEW DELHI: Cooperation in the field of information security is one of the pillars of Russia's strategic bilateral partnership with India, Russia's envoy Nikolay Kudashev said today

Kudashev said a very important agenda for his country is to develop a broad network of multilateral and bilateral confidence-building measures in the use of Information and Communication Technology.

This is being promoted at bilateral level and various fora in the framework of the United Nations, BRICS, Shanghai Cooperation Organisation and other platforms, he noted.

He said the Russian-Indian Intergovernmental Agreement on Cooperation in the use of ICT, signed in 2016, allows the two sides to establish annual high-level consultations between the ministries and agencies concerned.

"International cooperation in the field of information security is one of the pillars of our strategic bilateral and multilateral partnership with India," he said.

The envoy was speaking at the round table "International Cooperation in Information Space: Threats, Trends and Perspectives" organised at the Russian embassy here.

A Russian high-level inter-agency delegation participated in the 5th Global Conference on Cyber Space, organised here on November 23-24.

He said Russia and India as "special and privileged strategic partners" effectively cooperate in many high-tech areas, such as nuclear energy, military-technical sector, science and technology, education, pharmaceuticals.

"The bilateral IT-cooperation is no doubt one of the spheres on the top of our agenda," he added.