International terrorist, enjoying safe heaven in Pakistan, appeared on the National News Channel of Pakistan and went on a rant about Kashmir yet again.

Just couple of days after opening his political office in Lahore, Jamaat Ud Dawab Chief, Hafiz Saaed openly challenged the Government of Pakistan.

The Mumbai attack mastermind turned down all allegation against him and said that the Interior Minister of Pakistan and Pakistan Government were only trying to pacify India.

Hafiz Saeed said that during 1994 visit to US, he used to take the issue of Kashmir and at that time nobody opposed him. He said that India worked diplomatically and was able to bring United States to its court.

Talking about Kashmir and his political outfit, Hafiz Saeed said all the Muslim league running in Pakistan are fake and were anti-Pakistan.

Citing Jinnah, Hafiz Saeed said that Jinnah wanted Kashmir to be part of Pakistan and he is working on the principle of Jinnah.

He turned down the prophecies of all Muslim leagues in Pakistan, and said that they are not the true descendants of Jinnah.

Taking PM Modi's name, the terrorist mastermind, who is building his own army now in Pakistan, said that India divided Pakistan into two parts and now it is working for further division of Baluchistan and other provinces.