In a cross border strike, India killed four Pakistani soldiers

A retaliatory plan was made immediately after the incident. In a cross border operation, Indian forces killed three Pakistani soldiers.

More details are coming out as to the planning that went into Monday's operation where Indian troops killed at least four Pakistani soldiers.

India's move was in retaliation to Pakistan's cease-fire violation on Saturday. Here's a blow-by-blow account of what transpired on that eventful night:

- According to sources, a retaliatory strike was planned immediately after an officer and three soldiers were killed in a Border Action Team (BAT) operation in the Keri-Rajouri sector on December 24.
- The Indian Army was looking for a place which they dominated and the terrain favoured them.
- Rawalakot-Poonch sector was identified and soldiers-most likely special forces-sneaked across the LoC opposite Pakistan's Rakchoukri Post on the intervening night of December 24/25.
- The BAT group lay waiting for about 12 hours inside Pakistan.
- The team creeped close to the Pakistani post and was about 300 metres inside Pakistan.
- Using the cover of darkness BAT personnel laid explosives on the possible routes the Pakistani soldiers may use.
- At dusk on December 25th the explosives went off taking the Pakistani soldiers by surprise.
- Pakistani soldiers bunched up and tried to run away, making themselves easy targets for Indian Army to pick.
- The gun fight lasted for about 10-12 minutes.
- At least four Pakistani personnel were killed.
- In the ensuing commotion the BAT group crossed the LoC and returned to their base.

By killing the Pakistani soldiers India gave Pakistan a taste of its own medicine. On Saturday (December 23), Pakistani personnel targeted an Indian Army patrol at Brat Gallain Keri sector. Four soldiers were martyred.

The government has identified three of them. According to an army spokesperson: "Major Moharkar Prafulla Ambadas, Lance Naik Gurmail Singh and Sepoy Pargat Singh were grievously injured during the ceasefire violation and succumbed to injuries. Two other personnel also sustained injuries and are under medical treatment."