As per an estimate, more than 40000 illegal Rohingya Muslims are presently staying in India most of whom have crossed over from Bangladesh. The recent arrest of a Rohingya Muslim in India’s northeastern state of Manipur has confirmed that they are exploring other routes to enter India

New Delhi — Following increased vigil by India along the border with Bangladesh, Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims fleeing the country have discovered new routes to sneak into India. The recent arrest of an illegal immigrant in Manipur points to the fact that Rohingya Muslims are now directly entering the Indian state that shares a border with Myanmar.

"Police at Moreh border town arrested one Rohingya Muslim during a routine check. It has been learned that seven of them had sneaked into Manipur and the rest were absconding. A manhunt is on," Biren Singh, Chief Minister of Manipur said in the state assembly on Friday.

​Authorities in Manipur have launched a massive search operation to fish out illegal immigrants. In the last few days, police have rounded up some 560 persons of the doubtful nationality of which 105 undocumented ones were forced back. It is suspected that Rohingya Muslims are using bamboo bridges in the difficult hilly areas to cross the border.

"Indian truck drivers are bringing the outsiders and land is being allotted to them by officials. Some politicians use them as vote banks. All the legislatures should conduct a survey of their respective constituencies to establish how many outsiders are there and inform me accordingly," Biren Singh added.