After the seizure of three Pakistan boats in Punjab, now two suspicious activities on the international border in Pathankot and Gurdaspur have sent the security agencies into a tizzy.

Movement of suspicious armed men was noticed on the India-Pakistan border on Thursday which has put the security agencies on a high alert, sources told India Today.

Security agencies have also intercepted a wireless message from Pakistan in Bamial sector, in which a handler was heard asking the other man named Iqbal whether the 'guests' have reached who confirms that the guests reached at 5 o' clock.

The person on the other side also asked his counterpart to pass on the names of the guests to ADJT. Then he asked the person to reveal how much money was paid and even tells him to disclose the names to Sajid and Bhatti.

The person named Iqbal says that they were out at the same time, with this information the wireless chat came to an end.

After the boats were seized, movement of suspected militants and the wireless message has been intercepted ahead of the second anniversary of Pathankot terror attack, and the agencies are not taking any chances.

Meanwhile, an alert has been sounded on the Indo-Pak border in Punjab which spans over an area of over 500 kilometres and security has also been tightened.