National Security Guard (NSG) has organised a sniping competition. 25 teams from security forces all over India will compete. The best snipers in the country will try to outperform each other to win the coveted tournament

by Kamaljit Kaur Sandhu

It's a battle of prestige for the Central Armed Police Force (CAPF) and State Police Commando's proving their mettle in brains, brawn and aim.

In a first, the National Security Guard who is organizing the All India Police Commando Competition (AIPCC) in Manesar for a little over a week from 13th of January to 20th of January has special ground has been prepared for this very competition.

Out of the 25 participating teams, only ten are said to be up for the challenge. The black cat commandos have also been regularly practicing for the coveted event.

While each state will be sending its toughest men, the soldiers will be tested on their potential, capabilities, precision and preparedness to meet exigencies.

The aim is to enhance physical and mental robustness, shooting skills, leadership qualities under stressful conditions and foster team spirit amongst the participating teams. Each team will have maximum strength of 35 which will include its administrative staff.

While the cynosure of the competition will be the sniping event, there are other events like the Cheetah run Competition which will include 1.3 kilometer run with 10 kg load and personal weapon obstacle and 2.4 run towards reflex firing range.

Also there will be black hawk firing and small team operation like raid on terrorist hideout in urban and rural setting.

If clearing this was not tough enough, there are at least 55 judges from the Army and the Central Armed Police Forces. The force will also show its muscle power with the splendid show by the black cats in the opening ceremony.

Rajasthan Police has on three occasions won the AIPCC including the 7th competition which was incidentally also organised by the Rajasthan Police in Jodhpur.

While the event is being organised in Manesar, neither Delhi Police nor Haryana Police is said to be participating. Similar is the case of the North east state.

Interestingly amongst the one's participating from state are Jammu and Kashmir which is bearing the brunt of terrorism, Chattisgarh, Jharkhand , Maharashtra and Odisha currently fighting the naxals.

Reportedly, many of the state police departments could not spare their men due to the upcoming Republic Day on 26th January.