AHMEDABAD: At least 42 fishermen from Gujarat were arrested and eight boats were seized by the Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA) off the Gujarat coast, National Fishworkers' Forum (NFF) claimed on Saturday. 

"We have confirmed that the PMSA seized eight boats and arrested 42 fishermen, mostly from Porbandar, yesterday," the secretary of the forum, Manish Lodhari, said.

A conformation of the arrests from Pakistani authorities was awaited, he said.

The boats had sailed from Porbandar a few days ago. After their seizure, they were being taken to Pakistan, Lodhari said.

The PMSA had arrested 17 fishermen from Gujarat for allegedly fishing in Pakistan's territorial waters last month.

It had apprehended 43 fishermen and seized seven boats off the Gujarat coast in December 2017.

The PMSA frequently arrests Indian fishermen near the International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL).

Pakistan had released 292 Indian fishermen as a goodwill gesture in December-January.