BrahMos, said to be the world's fastest and most formidable anti-ship cruise missile, was today successfully test fired with an indigenous seeker at a Pokhran test range in Rajasthan. This marks a big achievement and breakthrough for the supersonic missile. A warhead was not used for this crucial test.

Seeker is one of the most critical elements of any missile, honing in on the target and improving the precision strike capability of the weapon system. This is a very very big breakthrough because the country will no longer have to depend on help for such an important component of the missile. Also, once the indigenous seeker is tested extensively and proves its capability, the knowledge can be used for other missile systems as well.

BrahMos missile’s successful test comes within months of the weapon system being test-fired for the first time from a Sukhoi-30 MKI. The successful test fire from a Sukhoi-30MKI was a first for the world since no missile as heavy as BrahMos has ever been fitted on a frontline fighter jet of a nation, something that will give India unprecedented fire power against both China and Pakistan. BrahMos missile is a universal weapons system that has already been inducted by the Indian Army and Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force is in the process of doing so.

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