S-400 air defence missile system at the Hmeymim airbase

The Indian Air Force desires to induct five firing units of the S-400 long-range surface-to-air missile system by the year 2022. If the proposed deal with Russia is finalized, it would be one of the biggest arms contracts India has ever had with Russia

New Delhi — The Indian Air Force (IAF) has told the parliamentary panel on defense that the procurement of the S-400 air defense system developed by Russia holds prime importance in its efforts to tackle possible threats from China and Pakistan.

"Requirement of fighter aircraft is our first priority. Next is the long-range SAM S-400 system for which we have bet. That would substantially change our posture both towards northern adversary as well as towards western adversary," reads the statement put forth by the IAF before the Parliamentary panel for defense.

The parliamentary panel, on its part, has recommended that funds towards the procurement of S-400 systems be made during the year as per the demand by the IAF.

India and Russia have been working on the final commercial contract since October 2016, when the two sides concluded an intergovernmental agreement for the procurement of five S-400 systems and four stealth frigates by India.