Unarmed personnel being trained in ‘Krav Maga’ technique

The Karimnagar district police, which was upgraded to a Commissionerate a year and half ago, is in for a makeover. All unarmed personnel below the age of 35 years are being trained in Israeli combat skills that would enable them to tackle criminals without using weapons.

At the city police training college in the outskirts of the Karimnagar town, personnel are being trained in ‘Krav Maga’, an Israeli self-defense method, under the guidance of experts. The programme was started in October last year and 10 batches comprising 28 police personnel each were provided training in Krav Maga.

Simultaneously, a yoga and meditation training program is also held for personnel aged above 40 years. This decision was taken considering the likelihood that personnel aged over 40 years could be suffering from ailments such as obesity, blood pressure and diabetes.

Citing incidents of criminals attacking unarmed police personnel in various parts of the State, Commissioner V.B. Kamalasan Reddy said that police should be well trained in self-defense. The training would help achieve that, he said.

The training camp would also boost the confidence of police in tackling situations, the Commissioner opined. The yoga and meditation programmes would help reduce health problems, while releasing work stress, he said. Mr. Reddy asked police to accord priority to the healthy food habits, exercise and proper rest to overcome all the health problems and stay fit.