According to data from December 2017 from the Federation of American Scientists, Russia has an estimated inventory of 6,800 nuclear warheads, with 1,710 of them strategically deployed.

America Not Far Behind

The United States, which is reducing its inventory, has an estimated 6,600 nuclear warheads, with 1,650 of them strategically deployed.

The French Glory

France has a stable inventory of an estimated 300 nuclear warheads. Of these, an estimated 280 are strategically deployed.

Don't Go Knocking On Your Neighbour's Door

China is thought to be increasing their warhead inventory, with about 270 strategic and tactical nuclear weapons, though the FAS says it is thought none are strategically deployed, and are instead kept in storage under central control.

British Don't Want To Feel Outdated Either

Britain's nuclear stockpile consists of about 215 weapons. The country is current reducing its stockpile, and by the mid-2020s it will be reduced to "not more than 180." The FAS says the number of warheads on each British submarine has been reduced from 48 to 40.

Beware! They've Got More Than Us

Pakistan is believed to possess a nuclear inventory of 130-140 warheads, though none are thought to be deployed but kept in storage in the southern regions of the country. More warheads are believed to be in production.

The Indian Muscle

India is believed to have a total inventory of 120-130 warheads, not deployed but held in central storage, with more warheads in production.

In the Middle East

Israel has an estimated stockpile of 80 warheads, none strategically deployed. It is believed the country has produced enough plutonium for approximately 100-200 warheads.

The Korean Threat

North Korea has conducted six nuclear tests, as recently as September 2017. The country is estimated to have produced 10-20 warheads, though FAS notes their operational status is unclear.