Jaye Sindh movement by Sindhis is aimed at carving out a new independent nation out of Pakistan

In yet another revelation of suppression of minorities in Pakistan, Dr H Bhutto while addressing the United Nations Human Rights Commission said that Sindhis are "disappearing" in Pakistan. 

He added that attempts were being made to create fear among Sindhis. 

He also said that Hindus were being forcefully converted in Pakistan.

Bhutto said: "Sindh is the lifeline of Pakistan and that’s why they are creating a fear of atmosphere because they are trying to develop CPEC (China-Pakistan Economic Corridor) project. Because of that, a huge operation is going on against Sindhis."

"Sindhis are disappearing, they are trying to act against Hindus as well, converting Hindu girls because they want them to leave Sindh. Day before yesterday they were trying to kidnap a Sindhi nationalist leader and he was not in the house, so they kidnapped his wife and son."

Earlier, spokesperson of 'Free Karachi' campaign and former convener of Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) Nadeem Nusrat also agreed with India's statement at the United Nations Human Rights Session on atrocities committed by Pakistan.

While addressing at United Nations Human Rights Commission, Dr Bhutto said that attempts were being made to create a fear of atmosphere on Sindhis.