In his new South Asia Policy, Trump had called for tougher measure against Pakistan

Washington: There have been changes in Pakistan's behaviour with respect to fight against terrorism after President Donald Trump blasted Islamabad for providing safe havens to terrorists and suspended more than $ 1 billion security aid to the country, a top American official has said.

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis also said that there are operations by the Pakistan military that are helping the US' ongoing efforts against terrorism.

"There have been changes in Pakistan's behaviour (since the South Asia strategy was announced)," Mattis told reporters travelling with him to Afghanistan, according to the transcripts released by the US Department of Defense.

In his new South Asia Policy in August last, President Trump had called for tougher measure against Pakistan if it fails to cooperate with the US in its fight against terrorism.

In his first tweet of the new year, Trump had accused Pakistan of basing its relationship with the US on "nothing but lies and deceit".

Days after his tweet, the US suspended over $ 1.15 billion in security aid and the delivery of military equipment to Pakistan for failing to clamp down on the Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani Network terror groups.

During the meeting, Mattis emphasised that the peace offer does not eliminate the need for offensive operations against the Taliban, and noted the importance of continued Afghan National Defense and Security Forces progress on the battlefield.

"The two leaders also reinforced that the recent Taliban peace offer without preconditions was genuine, and they are ready to embrace all who are willing to reconcile," White said.