Air Force

The ‘Tejas’Light Combat Aircraft: This month HAL is expected to deliver three aircraft to the IAF, taking the total number of Tejas to nine. Experts described Tejas as a “MiG 21-plus”, meaning that even though it was modern, its capabilities were a small improvement on those of the MiG 21

The IAF has told the Parliamentary Standing Committee on Defence that it desperately needs more fighter aircraft and air-defence systems, specifically the Russia-made S-400 that is said to knock off an incoming missile at 40 0km

The MiG 27 “Bahadur”: One of the best ground attack planes when it was imported from USSR in the 1970s (and later license-produced by Hindustan Aeronautics), the IAF has been flying the plane far beyond its service life

The 36 Rafales contracted by the government for about `59,000 crore meets only a fraction of the operational requirement for 210 multi-role combat jets


Sukhoi 30 MKi: Limited by range but multi-role, the Russian aircraft is expensive to maintain by lifecycle cost

Searcher Mark II: Unmanned Aerial Systems. Imported from Israel. These can see far but are not combat-capable, as in they are not meant to be armed

C-17 Globemaster III: The heavy-lift transport aircraft by Boeing was landed last week at Advanced Landing Ground at Tuting Arunachal near China border

C-130J Hercules: Even if the first ones are of 1960s vintage, this lot is among the recent acquisitions


Mirage 2000: Was imported from France in the 1980s, it is now being upgraded by Dassault on contract. The fighter jet is the IAF’s strategic aircraft

The Jaguar: British-French origin Deep Penetration Strike Aircraft is in the fading category. Multi-role aircraft can take over its responsibility of ground-attack

MiG 21: Upgraded and called the Bison, the fighter jet has an endurance of just 30 minutes. It was originally an air-defender but IAF altered utility profile



Smerch 9K58: The mulitiple launch rocket system was acquired from Russia about 10 years ago to replace the Grad IV. The missiles can hit targets up to 90 km

Helmets: Army has begun issuing lighter helmets that can withstand more pressure than the ‘patkas’


INSAS 1B1 Assault rifle

INSAS 1B1 assault rifle, light machine guns and carbines. Also, there are complaints of rifle jams

5.56 mm It fires bullets of this caliber but it is of 2003 vintage

Army wants an assault rifle that fires 7.62 x 51 mm caliber bullets


Helicopters such as Chetak, Cheetah are ageing; Army has inducted the HAL built Dhruv in its utility fleet

Bullet Proof Jacket

Army wants lighter BPJs that will absorb bullets fired at 200 m with 15 Kilos WEIGHT. The BPJs can stop a bullet fired from 400 m but not closer


155mm field Howitzers-77B were inducted in the 1980s. Army is conducting trials of modern guns, including the US-made M777

Air Defence

The L70B and the Schilka are of 1970s vintage. They have been put through multiple refits. Army wants very short range air defence systems that can be shoulder-fired

T-90 MBT

T-90 main battle tank may be modern but the same cannot be said of the Arjun tanks


Its anti-submarine warfare ships like the INS Kamorta are being commissioned without Active Towed Array Sonar System that can detect submarines.