Indian Defence Public Sector Undertaking (PSU), Bharat Electronics (BEL) has unveiled new products during the ongoing Defence Exposition, DefExpo 2018.

The PSU unveiled new products include 100 Mbps Radio, Secure Military Wireless Local Area Network, Multi-Function Hand Held Thermal Imager, Long Range Surveillance System, Chemical Agent Monitor (CAM), Multi-Purpose Reflex Weapon Sight, Long Range Surveillance System, Light Weight Composite Shelter, and Mine Field Recording System.

100 Mbps Radio

The 100 Mbps Radio Relay Equipment provides tele-communication link in a hostile Electronic Warfare (EW) environment. It is full duplex communication equipment, designed to operate as a multi-channel radio through line-of-sight radio path, for military use. Various kinds of data interface is provided. The equipment is modular in construction for ease of maintenance and repair.

Secure Military Wireless Local Area Network

Secure Military Wireless LAN (SMWLAN) provides secure Wi-Fi end connectivity to clients in Tactical environment. SMWLAN is designed with customised technology aimed to operate at customised frequency within military band, with hardware based gradable secrecy. It can support Data, Voice and Video communication in Infrastructure, Ad hoc and Repeater modes. It is designed to meet highest SAG grading.

Multi-Function Hand Held Thermal Imager

Multi-Function Hand Held Thermal Imager is a cooled TI based fully integrated day/night sight with in-built eye safe Laser Range Finder, Digital Magnetic Compass, Colour CCD and GPS. This equipment is used for long range target location and surveillance and is capable of giving range, azimuth & elevation and also coordinates of the target. This is very useful for Army and Navy for effective engagement of targets.

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