Former Afghanistan President Hamid Karzai praised India while addressing students in Agra. Karzai said Afghanistan and India have common history and challenges. He also said India was the first country which helped Afghanistan in rebuilding its infrastructure

Talking to the students, Karzai said that India is the world's rising star, with a treasure of thousands of years of civilisation, culture, and education. Karzai said that India is one of the most powerful countries in the world today, with a robust economy and is walking on the path of non-violence shown by Mahatma Gandhi.

Karzai shared anecdotes about his life as a student in Shimla and said that Afghanistan and India have common history and challenges. Both countries are fighting extremism and terrorism and are fed up with their common neighbor but are still walking on the path of development.

Karzai said that India was the first country that started helping Afghanistan during his presidential tenure in rebuilding its infrastructure. Indian assistance also helped in healing the wounds that Afghanistan suffered in the long-stretched civil war. He said that it was his heartfelt desire that Afghan kids come and study in India, where respect for elders is taught as the first moral principle.

Talking to India Today, Karzai said that political change was not a prerequisite of bringing about a change in the country. The young leaders in the fields of education, society, industries, business, and health should come forward and provide a direction to the country.

Asked if he thought that elections were needed for a stable country, he chose to remain silent and said that the young generation bears the onus of bringing peace and prosperity to the world and should always be ready to take up the mantle of leadership whenever called upon.