Kamov KA-226T light utility helicopter

CHENNAI: An Indian military delegation is likely to visit the Kamov Design Bureau of Russian Helicopters in Russia for a demonstration flight of the Kamov Ka-226T helicopter as part of the project to procure 200 of them for India.

The delegation may also examine the helicopter’s ship-based version, the firm said here today.

The delegation plans to participate in a demonstration flight of a light utility Ka-226T rotorcraft and familiarise themselves with its ship-based version, Russian Helicopters officials said.

Andrey Boginsky, Director General of Russian Helicopters, said, "We have offered the Indian side to visit Kamov Design Bureau that developed Ka-226T for the project of delivering 200 units of such helicopters and localising their production in India. Our colleagues shall be able to take part in a demonstration flight and to learn more about the Ka-226T capable of being deployed aboard a ship. Placing an order for helicopters for the Indian Navy with our joint venture in India is benefiting both sides. Therefore, we have decided to invite our partners to gain a more detailed familiarisation with this rotorcraft."

The project on delivering 200 Ka-226T units and establishing the Ka-226T serial production in India is being implemented under an intergovernmental agreement signed in 2016. The first lot of 60 will be brought from Russia, while the remaining 140 will be made in India under the joint venture.

In November 2017, India had issued a tender for the procurement of 111 naval utility helicopters for the Navy, the firm added. These helicopters are for search and rescue, humanitarian, monitoring and counter-terrorism operations and also for providing targeting to ship-based weapon systems.

For this purpose, Russian Helicopters is offering its ship-based Kamov helicopter.