INS TEG class of state-of-the-art Guided Missile frigate which was commissioned into the Indian Navy 29 Jun 2013. ‘TEG’ means a short, sharp and curved sword, traditionally wielded by Sikh warriors, who are famous for their valour and martial skills. The ship’s ‘Coat of Arms’ embodies two crossed swords against the backdrop of the blue sky and ocean waves which symbolise Strength, Responsibility and Commitment to a righteous cause.

Equipped with a versatile range of weapons and sensors, enables these ships to address threats in all three dimensions air, surface and sub-surface. The ship is further augmented with the latest stealth features like reduced radar, infrared, magnetic and acoustic signatures, which makes it difficult to detect by enemy at war time. Powered by four gas turbines engines, the ship can achieve speeds up to 32 knots and can generate a maximum electric power of 3.2 MW. INS TEG is part of the Indian Navy’s Western Fleet and operates under the Flag Officer Commanding-in-Chief, Western Naval Command, headquartered at Mumbai.
The ship’s motto ‘Valorous and Victorious’ represents the indomitable spirit of this mighty warship and her crew to achieve success and glory in every endeavour
To honour the warrior spirit of Sikh warriors, INS TEG has been affiliated with the coveted Sikh Light Infantry Regiment of the Indian Army. With the motto ‘Towards Eternal Glory’ firmly etched in their minds and an indomitable spirit, the gallant crew of INS TEG remain ever vigilant and always ‘on call’ to protect the maritime interests and sovereignty of India.

INS TEG has been built to meet the specific command and control needs of the Navy for coordinated surface, air, and underwater missions. The ship has advanced technologies incorporated in every facet of design to make her stealthy, fast and formidable. Her weaponry includes ‘state-of-the-art’ surface to surface and surface to air missiles, a high calibre gun, anti-submarine torpedoes and rockets. This is complimented by an advanced sensor suite, combat management system and an integral Airborne Early Warning Helicopter, the Kamov 31.

The Indian Navy has deployed the INS TEG, a stealth frigate, in the South Indian Ocean with an aim to provide surveillance support in the region. This is in keeping with India's national objective of ensuring a secure and stable regional environment to allow unhindered economic and social development, not just in India, but also in the entire Indian Ocean Region.

During regular deployment, the ship undertakes joint patrolling and surveillance operations with the Mauritian National Coast Guard ships. We take a look at some salient features of the stealth frigate:

INS TEG to provide surveillance support in South Indian Ocean:

INS TEG is an advanced version of Talwar class frigates that are in service in the Western Fleet since 2002-04, outfitted with an upgraded-suite of weapons and sensors.

Armed with the supersonic BrahMos cruise missiles, TEG is the first ship to have this unique capability on the Western seaboard.

The ship is also armed with Surface-to-Air missile systems, upgraded 100 mm medium range gun, optically controlled Close-in Weapon System, Torpedo tubes and Antisubmarine rockets.

It is powered by an advanced gas turbine propulsion plant with state-of-the-art controls to attain speeds in excess of 30 knots

INS TEG has been equipped with complex automated systems for nuclear, biological and chemical defence, damage control and fire-fighting that can be operated centrally from sheltered posts to minimise casualties and achieve rapid restoration of combat effectiveness.

With a displacement of 4,000 tons, the ship is armed with the latest weapons and is capable of accomplishing a wide variety of missions.

These ships have been fitted with an upgraded multi-role combat suite to make them one of the most potent platforms of the Navy.

It also embarks and operates an anti-submarine or an airborne early warning helicopter — a dominant force multiplier.

To minimise casualty during fire fighting and other damages, it can be operated centrally from specially constructed and designed sheltered posts.

Keeping in line with the Navy's pursuit for indigenisation, TEG also incorporates a large indigenous equipment content.

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