Pakistan Maritime Security Agency headquarters in Karachi

India and Pakistan are scheduled to hold maritime dialogue this week, a diplomatic source has confirmed. According to the officials, the bilateral talk to be held here on May 28 marks a positive turn in ties and indicates the continuity of existing dialogue.

“Rear Admiral Zaka Ur Rehman, Director General of Pakistan Maritime Security Agency (PMSA), is scheduled to reach New Delhi on Sunday for talks with his counterpart from the Indian Coast Guard,” confirmed a diplomatic source. The development is significant as it comes a year after India refused to participate in the annual talks scheduled for July 2017 following the controversy over the former Indian Navy official Kulbhushan Jadhav who is in custody in Pakistan. Despite the ongoing tension in the Line of Control in Kashmir, both sides restarted the Track II Neemrana Dialogue in April where a common desire to continue with normal exchanges was conveyed by policy specialists.