Pokhran-II was the series of 5 nuclear bomb explosions conducted in May 1998 which also involved testing of a Thermo-Nuclear device. Scientists lowering Store into a test silo before testing

On the anniversary of the detonation of its nuclear test, Pakistan's ousted prime minister Nawaz Sharif claimed that India's attitude towards Pakistan had changed after it conducted nuclear tests in 1998.

He said eight months after they conducted the test, the then Indian prime minister Vajpayee had visited Lahore by bus. 

Sharif said, "India carried out nuclear tests in 1998 and it changed the language of its ministers towards us. But when Pakistan conducted the nuclear tests in its reply suddenly their attitude changed. Eight months after the nuclear tests, Indian prime minister Vajpayee visited Lahore by bus".

Sharif claims came when he was addressing a ceremony in Lahore on the 20th anniversary of the nuclear tests.

He further said, "It is because of my decision to conduct the nuclear tests that no one could challenge Pakistan".

He also said that he was asked by then US President Bill Clinton not to conduct nuclear tests and in return, he promised to give him $ 5 billion.

Sharif said Pakistan's defence had been made strong by an elected prime minister and not by a military dictator.

Five nuclear tests were conducted by Pakistan in Chagai area of Baluchistan in 1998.

The test was carried out immediately after India conducted its successful nuclear test at Pokhran on May 11 and 13, 1998.

Each year May 28 is celebrated by Pakistan as "the day of greatness" to mark the country's successful detonation of the nuclear device.

The people of Baluchistan's Chagai, however, observe it as "Black Day".