The third element, the TRISAD, will be located in the mainland and will be tasked with transporting men and material to the islands under the ANC

NEW DELHI: In a first, a joint logistics node has been set up at the tri-services command in the Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which will provide logistical support to all three defence services. The move aims to improve utilisation of resources, manpower and remove duplication.

There are plans to set up similar nodes at 12 or 13 locations in the western and north-eastern sectors, top defence ministry officials said.

The joint logistics node comprises of three elements – the Joint Logistics Command & Control Centre (JLC&CC), which is the overall command organisation, the Tri-services Detachment at Material Organisation (TRIDAMO), which will meet logistical needs of the armed forces and the Triservices Advanced Detachment (TRISAD), based on mainland and responsible for sending troops and equipment to the nodes.

The defence services was planning for long to create such nodes in areas where two or more services are located to cater to logistical needs, officials said. Andaman & Nicobar Command (ANC) in Port Blair was picked as a pilot project.

In 2016, the Army began a study to check the project’s viability and in January this year, the project was given the go-ahead and implemented.

Officials said ANC was chosen for the first node since its logistics were being run in an ad-hoc manner. “Although the Navy’s Material Organisation would get the ration, equipment, spares and vehicles. Even common use items such as ammunition were being procured by individual services. There was no central procurement and therefore it was not a combined effort,” an official said.

Accordingly, the study suggested three aspects for the logistics node. The JLC&CC was set up first. “The entire logistical requirement of ANC for the three services will come under JLC&CC. Initially, it’ll look at critical requirements such as storage, transport, warehouses and inventory management and eventually cover rest of the items. A chief logistical officer will be appointed to coordinate this,” said the official.

TRIDAMO will consist of logistical manpower of the three services and will make automated inventory for common use items. “For this purpose, 353 common items have been identified. When the inventory is prepared, individual services will stop issuing common use items to their service headquarters in ANC. It will instead be demanded by TRIDAMO,” said another official.

The third element, the TRISAD, will be located in the mainland and will be tasked with transporting men and material to the islands under the ANC.

“Earlier, the Embarkation Headquarter located in the mainland and comprising the detachments of the three services would carry out this task. It was time consuming, because the services would individually carry out logistical tasks. Now, TRISAD will ensure faster movement due to collective effort,” said the official.