Ahead of the crucial Karnataka Assembly elections on 12 May, Congress criticised the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s deal to purchase Rafale aircraft on five-factors, including the alleged damage to Karnataka’s economy.

Congress has accused Prime Minister Modi of purchasing 36 Rafale aircraft for Rs 4,100 crore more than the bid already received by India under the UPA government.

Party spokesperson Rajdeep Surjewala said that the prime minister violated established codes and procedures to make the deal with the French manufacturer.

Rafale aircraft were to be purchased by the UPA. UPA bought it for Rs 526 crore. BJP bought the same aircraft for Rs 1,670 crore, ignoring a bid already received by India. So the price for 36 aircrafts came to Rs 60,145 crore. How much is India paying more? Rs 41,205 crore. Mr Prime Minister, why are you paying Rs 41,205 crore extra?

Calling the Rafale deal a ‘full-fledged defence scam’, Congress accused Prime Minister Modi of crushed investments worth Rs 36,000 and potential job creation in Karnataka.

Quashing of the biggest-ever investment in the history of Karnataka of Rs 36,000 crore, which would have led to creation of thousands of jobs and promote ‘Make In Karnataka’. This diabolical game of causing loss to the public exchequer has sacrificed the interest of Bangalore-based Hindustan Aeronautics Limited, severely hurting job creation and denying investment of Rs 36,000 crore.

Congress has claimed that there was complete non-transparency in the price discovery of 36 Rafale aircraft on part of Prime Minister Modi as there was no international tender, no contract negotiation committee and no price negotiation committee formed regarding the same. “Besides, there was violation of the cardinal and non-negotiable mandatory provision of the Defence Procurement Procedure,” attacked Congress.

Anything that you buy in India can’t be purchased by the prime minister or the defence minister. It can only be bought with the prior clearance of the Cabinet Committee on Security. In this case there was no clearance by the Cabinet Committee on Security. It was violated by the PM.