This Indian military base in Seychelles could have been of a great strategic significance for India. This Indian military base could have proved to be vital in India’s ambitions of closing in on China and being a dominant force in South Asia.

The Assumption Island is very strategic for India since it lies in the Indian Ocean’s maritime routes. As Seychelles backed out from the deal, New Delhi has been asking for justifications. Danny Faure, the President of Seychelles said that Seychelles would build a military base for itself on its own. India, according to the sources, has started back-channel diplomacy to revive its naval base project on the Assumption Island.

The President of Seychelles will be visiting India on June 25 to meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The President has already made it clear that he would not be discussing the Indian Military Base project during his New Delhi visit. So, now the only option left for India to revive its project is that of a back channel diplomacy.

Over time the two nations have established a cooperation in defence and maritime security. India guards Seychelles by patrolling the waters around it and also provides equipment to its forces. Despite such deep cooperation, this U-turn from Seychelles will hurt India badly and left it reeling for answers. Can New Delhi now win back this project from here?