Indonesian defence company PT Pindad has outlined the scope of its expanding engagement with counterparts from India.

In a statement on 31 May state-owned PT Pindad confirmed that it had entered a new partnership with Bhukhanvala Industries and that it has expanded collaboration with TATA.

PT Pindad said that under its partnership agreement with Bhukhanvala the two companies will develop a ceramic-based ballistic protection system for land vehicle platforms produced by the Indonesian company, such as its 6x6 Anoa and 4x4 Komodo armoured personnel carriers (APCs).

In addition, the two companies will explore opportunities for Bhukhanvala to provide assistance in the Indonesian company’s efforts to promote firearms – including its SS2 5.56 mm assault rifles, G2 series of 9 mm pistols, and SPR-4 sniper rifles – to the Indian military and paramilitary forces.