INS Sindhukesari is the first Kilo-class submarine of the Indian Navy which is undergoing the second refit and modernisation with the life extension. The second refit adds ten years to 25-year specified service life of the submarine.

A large amount of India-made equipment and systems are installed on this submarine. The duration of the refit cycle is 27 months.

Final Touches

INS Sindhukesari will be the first Indian Kilo-class submarine whose service life will be not less than 35 years. Operating and combat characteristics of the ship will be improved as well.

Calm Before The Storm

India officially expressed its intention to sign a contract for MRLC (Medium Refit with Life Certification) program in September 2013. The Indian Ministry of Defence made the request for repair determination of INS Sindhukesari in June 2014.

Extending The Lifeline

INS Sindhukesari was transported from India to Russia onboard a heavy load carrier vessel. The route lasted around the southern top end of Africa, through Atlantic ocean, Northern, Barents and White seas. On June 15, 2016, the vessel entered Severodvinsk’s port.

Heart of the Matter

INS Sindhukesari underwent medium repair at the Admiralty shipyards in 1999-2001 including Club-S complex installation.

Gestation Period

The second submarine, INS Sindhuraj, came to Severodvinsk on September 14, 2017. The negotiations on the second refit of two more Kilo-class submarines of the Indian Navy at the Indian shipyards are now in progress.