Israeli Intelligence Minister Yisrael Katz insisted that Tehran had been pursuing an “unrestricted” enrichment program which will enable them to develop nuclear weapons and endanger the regional stability. The Israeli Minister further stated that all allies need to condemn Tehran’s action and issue a statement “if the Iranians don’t stop the enrichment program now, then a military coalition will be formed against them.”

“There should be a definite statement by the US and the Western allies” that if Iran returns to enriching “military-grade” uranium, a military coalition would be formed against them. “The Arab Countries and Israel would definitely be part of the coalition, added the minister.

The United States and Israel along with Saudi Arabia allege that Tehran’s enrichment program harbours nuclear weapons ambitions. Iran, on its part, has been vehemently denying any such allegations and maintains that the purpose is purely for the civilian use.

The US recently withdrew from the Iran Nuclear Deal, which Tehran claims was boosted by Israel continuous persuasion to kill the deal. Despite getting the United States on board, European Nations are not convinced by Israeli logic and have rejected the idea of killing the Iranian deal.

India is major defence partner of Israel and there are numerous joint ventures between India and Israeli companies. Breaking all stereotypes, Indian PM Narendra Modi became the first ever Indian PM to visit Israel in July 2017 to bolster and acknowledge strong India-Israel relations. However, New Delhi also openly backed the Iranian Nuclear Deal, during the visit of Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’ visit to India.

Earlier, as EurAsian Times reported, Indian PM Narendra Modi is leaving no stone upturned in making India the friendliest nation in the world. However, an Israeli paper raised question over whether the India-Israel relations would continue for long owing to the relations India has with Iran and Palestine.

PM Narendra Modi, according to the Haaretz, is trying for a marriage with Israel while refusing to divorce Palestine and Iran. In case of a possible Israel-Iran War, which country will India support and if Delhi remains neutral, will it not end up offending both the strategic allies, especially Israel?