Thales is launching a defence cloud offering for the armed forces. The solution by the defence major is expected to enable armed forces to stay connected with any device at any time and operate with complete autonomy in the field.

Cloud computing can facilitate the secure transfer of information across missions, between forces and among allies. The new solution benefits from Thales’s cybersecurity expertise, the company said.

“Thales is bringing to the armed forces its expertise in secure, interoperable information and telecommunication systems, combined with capabilities in the key digital technologies of connectivity and IoT, Big Data, artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. With Nexium Defence Cloud, Thales is expanding the armed forces’ arsenal with a new digital power,” Marc Darmon, Thales Executive Vice-President, Secure Communications and Information Systems said in a statement.

Being Connected

In recent years, cloud services have changed daily functions, driving the development of a whole range of applications. Organisations with a real need to share content can now remain connected at all times from any type of terminal or device. The armed forces share the same requirements. The company says the cloud solutions currently in use for civil applications are not appropriate for the forces. “They require unlimited bandwidth that armed forces do not have in the field. The Thales Defence Cloud is a solution designed for constrained environments, enabling deployed forces to conduct their missions in total autonomy,” said the company.

Thales proposes a complete solution whereby users ranging from commanders in the home country to units deployed in operation can access data in complete privacy.`Hyperconnectivity on the battlefield promises to drive a technological revolution for the armed forces, and engender a growth in demand for new capabilities to gather, share and process large volumes of data in real time.