'Kashmir core issue, must be resolved through talks': 5 things Imran Khan said about India

On Kashmir

"Kashmir remains our biggest contention. It is unfortunate that Kashmir, which is the core issue between the two countries, has suffered immense human rights violations at the hands of the Indian Army in the last 30 years. The leadership of Pakistan and India now need to come to the table to resolve this and end the blame games. We are stuck at square one," he said.

On Ties With India

"If leadership in India is ready then I will want to strengthen the relationship between the two countries. The strengthening of ties between the two nations will be beneficial for subcontinent as well."

"If India comes and takes one step towards us, we will take two steps toward them. Right now it is one-sided where India is constantly just blaming us," he said.

On Trade Ties

"The trade ties between India and Pakistan should improve for not only the benefit of the two countries but for South Asia as well. If we want to have a poverty-free subcontinent then we must have good relations and trade ties."

"I am that Pakistani who believes that to improve economics in the subcontinent trade between India and Pakistan is important," he said.

On Indian Media

"It pained me to see the way Indian media portrayed me in the last few months. I was depicted like a villain in Bollywood movies. I am one of those Pakistanis that wants good relations with India."

"It seemed like India feared every thing bad would happen if Imran Khan came into power. "

"As far as India is concerned; I was disappointed with how Indian media portrayed me in the past few weeks. As a villain. I am that Pakistani who has travelled through India because of my cricket," he said.

On His Familiarity With India

"I am a person who arguably knows the most people in India because of my days in cricket. We can resolve the poverty crisis in South East Asia. The biggest problem is Kashmir."