File Photo of test firing of S-400 AD 40N6E missile

The Russian Ministry of Defence is set to induct a new 400 km range missile of the S-400 air defence system the state trials of which were successfully completed recently.

TASS said quoting an unnamed source that the new long range missile, designated 40N6E, has a range of 400 km while the current missile that goes with the S-400 has a maximum range of 250 km.

It is not yet clear if the new missile would be allowed for export or if existing orders for Turkey and Russia and upcoming deal in India would receive this upgraded range missile.

The new missile may be accepted for service before the end of summer, TASS quoted an unnamed source as saying Tuesday.

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, the 40N6E missile is capable of striking targets at a maximum range of 400 km.

Unconfirmed data suggest that the missile can hit targets at the maximum altitude of 185 km. The pre-production batch of 40N6E missiles was manufactured in late 2013, according to open sources.

In 2015, Russia’s Defence Ministry announced for the first time that the new missile had successfully hit an air target.