Russia’s Federal Security Services (FSB) has raided two research facilities linked to space agency, Roskosmos over suspected leak of secret hypersonic missile technology to the West from inside the research labs.

This morning the FSB investigation group started searches in the offices of the employees of the Central Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering (TsNIIMash), as well as in the office of Director of the Research and Analysis Center of the United Missile and Space Corporation Dmitry Payson, Kommersant reported last Friday

The FSB opened a case on the facts of the state treason, because of which Western special services received data on the latest Russian weapons. FSB conduct searches in TsNIIIMash, the news daily reported.

It’s been established that TsNIImash employees are responsible for the leak, many heads will fly, and some dismissals will not end exactly,” the news daily reported quoting interlocutors close to FSB materials as saying.

A research fellow of TsNIIMash has been detained on high treason charges, Yevregy Yenikeyev of the Public Monitoring Commission was quoted as saying to TASS on Sunday.

About ten space sector specialists are suspected of working for Western intelligence services. According to FSB, Western intelligence services gained access to Russian classified hypersonic projects, the report stated.

According to the Kommersant report, TsNIIMash is the head scientific organization of Roskosmos - despite the fact that the Corporation "Tactical Missile Arms" is engaged in hypersonic projects, which is not part of the perimeter of the state corporation, the level of cooperation between enterprises is very high.

And TsNIIMash employees, who had the appropriate form of admission, had information about many military hypersonic developments.

Dmitry Payson, in a conversation with RBC, asked not to mention it in the context of the criminal case on state treason and the transfer of information about the new hypersonic weapons to Russia to Western intelligence services.