The family members of the new soldiers also attended the passing out parade. The recruits come from different parts of Jammu and Kashmir

The regiment mostly consists of volunteers from the state of Jammu & Kashmir

A total of 215 Kashmiri men were inducted into the Indian Army at the 115th passing out parade held in Srinagar yesterday. The recruits have been inducted into the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry (JKLI).

The regiment was originally created in 1947 when Pakistan tried to infiltrate and capture Kashmir. The locals of the region volunteered and fought back Pakistani forces. The JKLI was called the Malaysian force then.

The regiment was later inducted in the Indian Army in 1972 as the Jammu and Kashmir Light Infantry. The regiment, which is the most decorated in the army, played a vital role in the Kargil war.

Despite threats from terrorist organisations to not associate with the armed forces in any way, these men have made the resolve to serve their nation.

The spirit and morale of the jawans were high as they took an oath under the tricolour to protect India.