The remote Kohli village of Ramban district in Jammu was gripped by tension after security forces allegedly shot dead a cattle-rearer and injured another, prompting the police to register a case of murder against the Army.

The incident occurred at 3.45 am when Muhammad Rafiq Gujjar and Shakeel Ahmad had gone to feed the cattle at Kohli village. "We had gone to feed the grass to cattle. They fired at us from behind. I immediately fell down. He (Rafiq) was killed," said Shakeel Ahmad, who is currently being treated at the hospital.

The Indian Army, however, said the patrol was fired upon by the suspected individuals during an operation in Kohli area on August 5.

"At 3:45 am, the Army patrol saw some suspicious activity. The suspected individuals were challenged by the Army as per Standing Operating Procedure. On being challenged, the suspected individuals opened fire upon the patrol and on this, the Army retaliated to the firing by suspects effectively," said Lieutenant Colonel Devender Anand, defence spokesman at Jammu.

The incident has sparked anger, with people demanding action against the troopers involved. Sensing trouble, Jammu and Kashmir police filed an FIR and registered a case of murder and attempt to murder against the Army.

"They had come out of their home to feed their cattle. Since it was dark, the Army suspected something and fired. One person got killed and another is injured. We have filed an FIR and registered case under section 302, 307 Ranbir Penal Code and other relevant sections of Arms Act. Further investigation is going on. Situation is tense but under control," said Mohan Lal, Senior Superintendent of Police, Ramban.

Meanwhile, shocked by the killing, the Gujjar and Bakerwal tribal communities — under the banner of Tribal Research and Cultural Foundation — has written to the defence minister and demanded that the culprit be punished.

The Foundation has also demanded a judicial inquiry and compensation for the victims. "The community demanded that a strong directive must be issued to security forces so that more such incidents do not occur in the tribal areas of J&K," said a foundation spokesman.