MiG-41 fighter-interceptor

Russian MiG Aircraft Corporation is developing MiG-41, a fifth generation fighter-interceptor, which will replace the MiG-31 fighters.

"No, this is not a mythical project, this is a long-standing project for the MiG and now we are carrying out intensive work under the aegis of the UAC [the United Aircraft Corporation] and will present it to the public soon," MiG CEO Ilya Tarasenko was quoted as saying by TASS Friday.

The fighter-interceptor is also known as the PAK-DP (Prospective Aviation Complex of Long-Range Interception).

As former Commander of Russia’s Aerospace Force, Chairman of the Federation Council Defence Committee Viktor Bondarev earlier said, the experimental design work on the PAK-DP’s development was expected to start from 2018, the news agency reported.

Meanwhile, MiG CEO Tarasenko said that the R&D and experimental design work on the cutting-edge Russian interceptor was planned to begin "in the immediate future" and its deliveries to the Russian Armed Forces were expected to start in the mid-2020s.

Aside from the manned version, the interceptor’s unpiloted variant is also being considered.