Russian MIG-35 will enter production earlier than planned. So, the first prototypes will be ready later this year

“On the MiG-35 by the way, we first try out with the Ministry of defence model is the so-called supply leading. This will allow us to keep the rhythm and to reduce the cost of aircraft production and the Ministry of defence is to get a new car a little earlier than the schedule of the state defense order”, – said the head of the United aircraft Corporation Yury Slyusar, was transferred to RIA Novosti.

He also noted that the first models of the fighter will present to the Ministry of defence this year. According to him, the MIG-35 is much cheaper than the American fighter of new generation F-35, however, the functions they have are different – “different systems with completely different functionality”.

Slusar acknowledged that the us new and more efficient and ahead of the technological development of the MiG. However, the domestic analogue is cheaper and may soon be signed an agreement on serial production.