This electromagnetic rocket will offer an enhanced fire range to the Chinese military and would also yield advantages in high altitude terrains. These rockets as reported by the state media will be more than capable of hitting elevated regions like the Himalayas and the Tibetan Plateau.

As reported by SCMP and secondary research by EurAsian Times, the trivial details like the precise range and the timing of deployment are still unclear. However, the lead scientist on the project told the local Chinese media that significant process has been made on the rocket which will have a very high firing range.

How Is This Rocket Different From Other Rockets?

While the conventional rockets rely on explosive powder to be propelled, this new rocket will be launched using an additional electromagnetic force. This is similar to the catapult launchers that China is already developing for its next-generation aircraft carriers. Even for the development of railguns, the same technology is used.
IDN: A Stray Thought: Among US, UK, Germany and Finland, China is also working on a radio frequency (RF) resonant cavity thruster, also known as an EmDrive, which is a hypothesised type of propellant-free drive that was proposed in 1999 by Roger Shawyer. The proposed theory behind this drive is inconsistent with laws of physics, including conservation of momentum and conservation of energy. If this technology is realised, it would take a spacecraft just 4 hours to reach the Moon!!!
An electromagnetic launch system will give the rocket a very high initial speed during the launch. Some defence experts also believe that the next aircraft carrier being domestically developed by China will be equipped with electromagnetic catapult rockets. Increased velocity at launch will significantly add up to the range of the rocket. Electromagnetic rockets will also be more precise and stable during the launch in comparison to conventional rockets.

In the changing dynamics of war, China is aggressively developing new military equipment and Is militarising areas of conflict including the South China Sea and the East China Sea. China’s aggressive military expansion has worried a lot of other nations including the US with which China is already fighting a massive trade war. Taiwan, the US, Japan and India too share concern over the robust military expansion of China and this might ruin the balance of regional power.