by Krishna Chaitanya

The Government of India should not take China's flatter words for real on cooperation and win-win situations as there is no such win-win strategies for real. It's a big shock for an authoritative regime like CCP that Maldives presidential candidate Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom who is close to china was defeated by the United opposition candidate Ibrahim Mohamed Solih (Ibu) with a wide margin. For sure it sent a ripple wave inside Chinese administration that Maldivian public leaned towards the opposition rejecting the Chinese model of development which looms debt risk largely on par with development.

Since there will be a change in the Maldivian administration, CCP knows very well that it will slowdown there pet projects signed under the disguise of BRI with previous Maldivian administration under Yameen which are seen as highly unfavourable by majority of the people. So it started using flatter words of joint cooperation in executing projects in Maldives along with India and some other Asian country terming that their projects are highly beneficial to everyone. 

The Indian administration and policymakers should not fall prey easily for Chinese conundrum. They shouldn't forget how the Chinese tried to oust the Indian Navy personnel from Maldives using high-handed nature of Yameen, belittling India using Nepal and backing Pakistan and it's orchestrated terror organisations to intimidate India. GOI should not let a door for Chinese as they will only use it to open another just to confront India. We should cooperate only on those that serves best and secures our interests and position firmly otherwise we should let only one door open for Chinese and that is the EXIT door.

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