A Chinese J-10B fighter-bomber jet takes off from an airfield

New Delhi: Amid reports of China ramping up its air defence infrastructure in Tibet, Air Chief Marshal BS Dhanoa on Wednesday said the Indian Air Force is monitoring the situation and has plans to counter any threat.

Responding to a question on the issue, the Air Force chief said the government has sanctioned construction of a next-generation hardened aircraft shelters in remote areas.

"We are monitoring the development of infrastructure," he said.

China has always been saying its airports in Tibet are coming up for regional connectivity and not for offensive operations, Air Chief Marshal Dhanoa said.

"We also have initiated measures -- like the government has sanctioned construction of next generation hardened aircraft shelters. On our side, we are making adequate (preparation). Also, we have a plan to counter them," he told reporters in New Delhi.

On reports about the presence of over 50 Chinese aircraft in Tibet region, he said it is not a threat as India also has a number of air bases on the eastern front.

"If you look at our bases, starting from Leh, Thoise... as you come down to Adampur, Halwara, Ambala, Chandigarh and carry on up to Chabwa, you work down the number of aircraft we have got. So, are only 50 aircraft in Tibet a threat? The answer is no," the Air Force chief said.