Pakistan’s Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) party’s leader Altaf Hussain has said that Baluchistan is “not a province of Pakistan” and that the Pakistani armed forces have occupied it. MQM head also said that he wants an “Azad Baluchistan” and can sacrifice himself for it.

Altaf Hussain is one of the few mainstream leaders of Pakistan who have supported the freedom movement of Baluchistan.

Altaf Hussain in a video message to his followers and Baloch people said, “Baluchistan was an independent province and wanted to exist as an independent province but Pakistani Army forcefully didn’t let it remain independent.”

Most mainstream political leaders in Pakistan shy away from the issue fearing the Pakistani military’s wrath but Hussain, who is running the party from London while living an exiled life there, has been quite vocal over the issue.

“Now my demand is of Azad Baluchistan.” he said adding, “how can you [Pakistani army] occupy somebody’s home?”

“I want to tell my Baloch brethren that even if I lose my life in this rightful fight, it would be an honour for me.” he said.

“Baloch people have a separate identity, a separate culture. Many Baloch youngsters did not even know that Baluchistan is not a province of Pakistan, actually Baluchistan is occupied territory by the armed forces of Pakistan.” Hussain said.