The ASTRA missile systems are all set to be inducted into the Indian Air Force by 2019

New Delhi: The Indian Air Force has successfully tested Astra Beyond Visual Range Air-to-Air missiles over a period of a week ending Wednesday.

The testing was primarily to judge Astra's capability in engagement of pilotless target in different modes of manoeuvring, off-boresight, medium and long ranges. The Ministry of Defence informed that Astra has now been through six test phases with different launch conditions and ranges each time as part of the final development trial. The mission objectives have been met, said the ministry.

The ministry also said that the DRDO has developed the missile and integrated the weapon on SU-30MKI and other air platforms with the active participation of the Indian Air Force. Modifications of the SU-30MKI jets to accommodate Astra missiles has been done by Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). More than 50 private and public sector industries have been involved in the development and production, and the Astra missiles are now set to be inducted into the Indian Air Force next year.