DSRVs can be quickly mobilised for search and rescue missions

Indian Navy joined a select list of international navies with the ability to search, locate and provide assistance to submarines out at sea. On Saturday, it inducted its first Deep Submergence Rescue Vessel (DSRV) at its base in Mumbai while another would be added to its base in Vishakapatnam by 2019.

The DSRV can reportedly be deployed at short notice for providing assistance to submarines in distress. Complete with an associated kit in fly away configuration, it can be crucial in quickly locating submarines through the vast expanse of sea and can be mobilised by air and water for rapid rescue.

DSRVs have played a significant role in saving lives as well as submarines during emergencies. Most of these are capable of rescuing 24 people at depths of up to 600m in one go. Countries which currently have DSRVs in their naval fleet - apart from India, are Singapore, United States, China, Russia, Japan, South Korea, UK, Sweden and Australia. Each of these countries have their own version of DSRVs based on their specific needs and the requirements of their respective naval fleets.