A Russian made AK-103 assault rifle

MOSCOW: Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov has confirmed that the theme of military-technical cooperation is on the agenda of President Vladimir Putin’s visit to India.

"Putin is going to India on an official visit. A package of agreements is to be signed. It is true that the theme of military-technical cooperation will be on the agenda," he said, when asked if there had been any progress on the issue of Russia’s supplies of S-400 air defence systems to India. "I’m unable to share any major details with you now."

The India TV channel earlier said that among the documents that might be signed there was an agreement on supplying to India the air defence systems S-400, four frigates of project 11356 for the Indian Navy (two ships are to be built at a Goa shipyard and another two, delivered from Russia - TASS), an agreement on the production of AK-103 rifles in India, an agreement on training India’s first-ever national space crew at the Gagarin Centre in Russia and a number of others.

Putin will pay a visit to India on October 4-5.