Antonio Guterres has said that no political reason or cause could justify support to terrorism

In an interview with India Today, UN chief Antonio Guterres said that no political reason or cause could justify terrorism. He was responding to a question on Pakistan's support to terrorism. UN chief Antonio Guterres speaks on Pakistan's support to terrorism. No political reason can justify terrorism, says UN chief. UN chief says there is need to fight radicalisation

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, in an exclusive interview with India Today, gave a stern message to Pakistan over cross-border terrorism. He said "no political cause, no grievance" justifies terrorism.

The statement of Antonio Guterres assumes significance in the view that the United Nations has faced criticism for not taking concrete action against Pakistan despite its track record of an abettor of terrorism. Antonio Gueterres was in conversation with India Today Group Editorial Director Raj Chengappa.

Terrorism has been a concern and Pakistan is seen as the terror hub of the world. India has suffered a lot due to cross-border terrorism particularly in Jammu and Kashmir in the past 30 years.

Antonio Gueterres said, "We are making it very clear to all countries that nothing justifies terrorism. There is no political reason that justifies it. There is no cause, no grievance that justifies it."

"We will do everything possible to make sure that all countries of the world understand that. And at the same time we support all those that are fighting terrorism and all those populations that are victims of terrorism," said Antonio Guterres.

Responding to a question about any specific actions by the UN on Pakistan with regard to combating terrorism, Antonio Guterres said, "We have been in dialogue with Pakistan and many other countries. And, we believe it is central to create conditions for dialogue among countries in order to make sure that the countries understand that terrorism is something that should be eradicated."

The UN secretary-general, however, said that the world body is working with all countries to fight terrorism. He said singling out one country may not work.

"We have created a counter-terrorism office. We have improved out capacity to cooperate with countries in relation to support them in anti-terrorist policies," he said.

"We have, at the same time, developed a very important program to fight violent extremism and radicalisation and this applies to all countries of the world. We are not singling just one or another, to all countries in the world," Antorio Guterres said.