Patiala: The Patiala police have busted a module of the Khalistan Gadar Force, an ISI backed outfit aimed at reviving militancy in Punjab. This module according to the police works under the Sikhs for Justice, another organisation backed by the Pakistan's ISI.

Following the arrest of a module member, Shabnamdeep Singh, the police recovered a pistol, hand grenade and letter heads belonging to the Khalistan Gadar Force. The interrogation of Singh revealed that the plan was to blow up several police stations and also target crowded places. The primary intention was to announce Referendum 2020 and revive Sikh militancy in Punjab.

Referendum 2020 is a programme undertaken by the Sikh terrorist groups to declare a separate Punjab nation by 2020. The police had in the past as well busted several modules aimed at declaring Referendum 2020.

The busting of the Khalistan Gadar Force module is yet another victory for the security agencies, who have once again prevented the rise of Khalistan terror in Punjab. The police say that this group is linked directly to the Sikhs for Justice, which is headed by Gurpatwant Singh Pannun.

The police said that recently Shabnamdeep and his aides had set shacks on fire. They had also set ablaze liquor vends and filmed the incident. A few days ago, Shabnamdeep was contacted by an ISI officer, Javed Khan Wazir. He was told by Wazir, an ISI officer to claim responsibility for the incident. He was also assured a sum of Rs 10 lakh for every act of terror. He was then handed over a pistol and hand grenade meant to be hurled at a police station, investigations also found.

Wazir according to the police introduced Singh to one Nihal Singh, who is said to be an SJF supporter. He was told by Nihal to promote Referendum 2020 heavily. For this there was a need to carry out strikes and install fear in the minds of the people.