Interestingly, a large cache of arms and ammunition was seized from the extremist's possession

Two days after unidentified gunmen opened fire at five persons in Assam's Tinsukia, two extremists were thrashed to death by a mob in Silchar on Saturday morning.

“We saw four suspicious persons trying to extort money from some people. They refused and we gathered near them and asked them to show what they were carrying in their bags. Amidst an altercation, two fled and we managed to nab two others. On checking their bags we found a huge cache of arms. Suddenly, more locals gathered and started beating them up mercilessly. The fact that there is an environment of panic prevailing among the people after five people were killed in firing, we all got scared,” said an eye-witness.

Immediately after receiving information, a team from each of the state police and SSB who were on duty for the bandh reached the spot and prevented the locals from further beating them up. A huge cache of arms were seized from the duo's possession. 

Three AK-56’s, one Chinese-origin hand grenade, 600 bullets – 308 rounds of 5.56mm rifle and 361 rounds of 7.62 mm rifle, two 5.56mm rifle, one 9mm pistol, 12 bore single barrel rifle, one Chinese-origin LMG rifle and one 0.22mm pistol were seized from their possession. 

“Today at about 11am information was received that local in Harinagar that they have nabbed two extremists and thrashed them. We rushed and recovered the duo and shifted them to the Joypur Public Health Centre. Searches for the two others have been initiated. We are also examining whether they are affiliated to any banned militant outfit,” said Cachar SP Rakesh Roushan. 

Five people were killed and one was injured in Assam’s Sadiya, which falls under the jurisdiction of Tinsukia district.

According to information, the six youngsters, who were sitting at a shop in the area, were targeted by the gunmen – all in camouflage attire. They were then taken to the banks of Brahmaputra river where they were told to sit in line and shot at.

Reacting to the attack that killed five people in Assam, TMC youth Congress president and MP Abhishek Banerjee will lead one of the protests from Jadavpur 8B bus stand to Hazra crossing in south Kolkata.

Banerjee, in a Twitter post on Thursday, wondered if the attack was related to developments around the National Register of Citizens (NRC).

The survivor said that the assailants had come in two groups and carried out the attack.

The man, identified as Sahadeb Namasudra, told reporters he had a providential escape as he fell off a bridge where the gunmen had lined him up along with five others before opening fire at them.

Namasudra along with two others had been called out from a shop below the Dhola-Sadiya bridge in Kheronibari village on Thursday evening by three men in battle fatigue and their faces were covered with cloth.

Three more villagers were brought to the same spot by another group of three gunmen between 7.30 pm and 8 pm, Namasudra said.

The second group of assailants came in motorcycles and spoke with them in Hindi.

The gunmen ordered all the six men to sit in a row on the bridge, Namasudra said, adding they also took away his mobile phone.

The gunmen then opened fire but Namasudra who was sitting at the end of the bridge fell below.

Though he was not injured he became unconscious out of fear and nervousness.