by Brig Arun Bajpai

Last week Pakistani ordinance factory made grenades were thrown on the dais of the Nirankari Satsang in Amritsar, killing 3 people and injuring 20. Now with one Khalistani caught out of the three involved in this dastardly act, who is spilling all the beans, it has been confirmed that it was Pakistani army and their intelligence agency ISI involved in this whole affair. Is it not shameful for us that Pakistan which is on the brink of bankruptcy, with its new PM Imran Khan going around the world begging for loans and aid to get Pakistan out of this deep shit hole, still its Army and ISI continues to strike us wherever it wants at will and we the India always live in reactive mode? When we, the Indian Netas learn to be proactive?

After this dastardly terror strike at Amritsar, now will start the Ninda and Kadi Ninda rounds of Indian Netas. Anybody and everybody who is who in Indian political class, will be busy for next few days in this Ninda business till the furore dies down. Then work will start as usual till Pakistan gives next opportunity of Ninda. Till Congress government was ruling the roost at centre during the period 2004 to 2014, whenever Pakistan indulged in such perfidy, and they were many, the block answer of Congress Netas at the top was that since Pakistan is a nuclear power, we can not go to war with it, all we can do is talk which we are pursuing with Pakistan but Pakistan Hai Ki Manta Hi Nahi. It fell on deaf years the example that in 1999 also both India and Pakistan were nuclear powers, still how come Kargil War happened with Pakistan? Did we start a nuclear war in retaliation to Pakistani infiltration in Kargil and occupying huge Indian area? After arrival of Modi government in Centre in 2014, the Ninda rounds have started. In between once in last 4.5 years, one surgical strike was done which was tom-tomed in every nook and corner of the world by our political masters.

When need of the hour is a surgical strike every time Jihadists are sent across border by Pakistani Army into India. Aim should be killing Pakistani Army soldiers and not Jihadists who are cannon fodder to Pakistani Army. Let Jihadists be tackled by paramilitary forces in our territory, Army should get inside Pakistani territory and attack Pakistani army BOPs. Yes, there will be casualties and sometimes failures also, but that should be all in stride. Once Pakistani Army knows that Indian Army attack will come at the time and place of choosing of India, for every Jihadist activity by them, they will stop sending these Jihadists to India. We must not forget that Pakistani Army is a political Army not trained to fight, otherwise they would not have lost all four wars to India. They must be drawn out from their safe havens and killed. However, the shit scared Indian Neta’s, always having police advisers instead of army as NSA and their deputies, With Chief of Defence Staff system laying sanctioned since 2003 but not implemented, state of preparation of Indian Armed Forces in dire straits, Morale in boots, Are only capable of Ninda and Ghor Ninda. Pakistan knows it so it carries on with its nefarious activities.

Yes, since the time Modi Government has come, after trying to bring Pakistan to negotiating table and asking it to stop cross border jihad while Pakistan not desisting from cross border jihad , has adopted tough attitude against Pakistan. Modi Government has told Pakistan that if it wants to talk with India then it must stop cross border jihad. Modi Government has also been trying to isolate Pakistan which it has succeeded in quite a big way. Modi Government has been taking help from big powers like America also to isolate Pakistan. However, what our Neta’s including Modi ji does not understand that no country in the world helps another country outside their national interest. If India wants to really sort out Pakistan and even China, both our enemies, then India must make itself militarily strong as China has done. We can not be the worlds biggest arms importer and still feel that we are a big power. We must ensure that our Make in India efforts succeed, which is not happening. We must kick our large number of Defence PSUs to either produce or perish. India from world biggest arms importer must become world biggest arms exporter to third World countries as China is now. It is time we show our 56 inch Ka Seena and deal with Pakistan and China on tit for tat basis. This is the only language understood in comity of nations. Pusillanimity and Ahimsa Parmo Dharma will not do.

Brig Arun Bajpai (Retd) is a distinguished Defence and Strategic Analyst. Views expressed are of the author and do not necessarily reflect the views of IDN. IDN does not assume any responsibility or liability for the same