Cyclone Phethai made its landfall on the south-eastern coast of India late in the day yesterday. There are reports of crop damages in the delta regions of the Godavari and Krishna rivers

Cyclone Phethai made its landfall in the coastal regions of Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India. According to media reports, the state government will deploy drones to assess the damages left in wake of Cyclone Phethai. Some 60 to 70 drones are slated to be deployed, a government source added.

People stand near the derailed coaches of a passenger train near Kuneru village in Vizianagaram district, in the southern state of Andhra Pradesh, India, January 22, 2017

Many trains and flights to, from, and within the region were cancelled. The state government is in the process of damage assessment, although according to media reports, damages are not as extensive as they were expected to be. However, there were lots of damages to the standing crops in the delta regions of the Godavari and Krishna rivers.

A rough estimate of damages includes some 10,500 hectares of agricultural losses and about 400 hectares of horticultural losses. Losses of crops like paddy, maize, tobacco and pulses were reported.