MQM Chief criticises human rights violations in Pakistan

Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) chief Altaf Hussain has urged India to commemorate 'Baluchistan Day' just the way Pakistan commemorates 'Kashmir Day.'

"India must commemorate Baluchistan Day like Pakistan celebrates Kashmir Day. India has to openly support the people of Baluchistan. Kashmir has always been a disputed territory between India and Pakistan, while the case of Baluchistan is totally different. It is a wholly occupied territory under the military's guns," Hussain said in a statement.

The MQM leader claimed that although Baluchistan has never been part of Pakistan.

"If Pakistan claims that India has occupied Kashmir so the claim is automatically reversed as Pakistan's military establishment is the aggressor against Baluchistan, which was an independent state. Pakistan's military invaded the territory and occupied it on gunpoint. So, there is no difference," he said.

Hussain criticised the Pakistani military by saying that it is the "world's top coward" as it has always stood defeated against Indian troops.

"If only the army of Bangladesh would launch an assault on Pakistan's military, the coward military Generals would immediately lay their weapons and would surrender to them," he said.

The MQM leader, while addressing the people of occupied Kashmir, said that when they get free, they should never become part of Pakistan, as upon doing so, they would be rendered slaves of Pakistan's "crooked and ghoulish military."

Hussain vehemently criticised the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for prosecuting the politicians and ignoring the massive corruption of the military Generals, who, he claimed, minted billions and trillions through corrupt practices.

He further said that 70 million Mohajirs, whose ancestors had founded Pakistan and had migrated to their new homeland, are being treated like slaves and facing continued genocide at the hands of the Pakistani military.

"Mohajirs had sadly ignored the advice of eminent Indian scholar Maulana Abul Kalam Azad, who had warned them not to leave India for Pakistan or less they would be treated there in Pakistan as slaves and he was correct," the MQM leader noted.

"The division of India was the biggest blunder in history," Hussain added.

Continuing his tirade against the military of Pakistan, Hussain said: "Pakistan's military is the producer, promoter and protector of terrorism and terrorists. They had produced every single terrorist gang operating worldwide form Pakistan."

"Today, the ghoulish military establishment is calling the United States of America as an enemy of Pakistan and is duping the people of Pakistan by asserting that China is Pakistan's best and trusted friend. The ghoulish military is asserting, too, that China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is meant for a prosperous Pakistan but the fact is that the CPEC is meant to pack Pakistan," he said.

Hussain noted that under a multi-pronged strategy, the demonic military establishment is butchering Mohajirs. "Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan had promised to construct 50 million homes for the poor but soon after the military establishment imposed him on the people of Pakistan as country's Prime Minister, he launched a demolishing process of the properties of Mohajirs per the plans of the draconian military establishment of Pakistan," he said.

Hussain also urged Mohajirs to unite in their fight against the establishment and for the sake of their rights and freedom, along with the people of Baluchistan.