JAMMU: His academic credentials might be mired in controversy yet expecting Rahul Gandhi to be naïve about national security is insult to Indian National Congress, the organisation he is heading for a year now. He has an army of advisers, most of them constitutionally and administratively well acquainted and most acclaimed, who are supposed to be advising him on all important matters, national security included. If so, then why Rahul Gandhi is obsessed with Rafale deal, perceived to be crucial for defence of the country.

Rahul Gandhi has been persistently asking questions on the cost escalation and details of the jets India is in the process of procuring due to growing threat from China supported Pakistan-a rogue theocratic nation created on the motivation to give thousand cuts to India. Therefore, Pakistan has been tracking India’s defence preparedness and capabilities like any other enemy nation. The procurement of Rafale jets must be a huge concern for Islamabad. They must be worried over the development and eager to know minutest details about the war aircraft, obviously to work out counter mechanism. It is in this context that all strategic issues related to Rafale jets have been agreed to by India and France to remain classified.

Rahul Gandhi knows this but still insists the Centre to put in public domain the broad features of Rafale deal. Obviously, such a disclosure will put Indian security in jeopardy. The Gandhi scion knows well that there has been no compromise on codal formalities or element of corruption yet he is mocking Prime Minister Narendra Modi by crying “Desh Ka Chowkidar Chor Hai” (Prime Minister of India is a thief’). Is it a provocation to Modi to divulge the details?

This is a crucial question for the nation of 130 billion to ponder over. Are such provocations being given and allegations levelled against the Prime Minister at the behest of Pakistan? Is there quid pro quo between Pakistan and the Indian lobby of activists and sickularists? Is it a double-edged strategy of Pakistan to put Indian security in jeopardy and at the same time help Congress led anti Modi block to oust the BJP government at the Centre after creating a vote bank of a particular community in India? These probabilities are needed to be looked into in the larger interests of national security. There have been worrying developments like Rafale echoing in Pakistan during comedian Navjot Singh Sidhu’s visit; his deputation for participation in Kartarpur corridor ceremony by Rahul Gandhi and subsequent hint by Prime Minister Imran Khan to have peace process with the new government in New Delhi after 2019 elections. Earlier also, Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar is on record having begged of Pakistan to help in getting rid from Narendra Modi. The Congress- Pakistan bonhomie is no more a secret now. Islamabad has done its job for anti-Modi brigade by creating a vote bank, which was discernible in the recent elections in five State assembly elections.

In their love for Pakistan, on the vital issue of dethroning Narendra Modi, the lobby and the political outfits are demeaning the highest judicial institution of the country. Till the other day, they were pleading the cause of four judges who had gone public over processes being adopted in the Supreme Court, and now they are casting aspersions on the same judges, after judgement on Rafale jet deal. Is it because the Supreme Court has debunked the lies stitched by the Congress President Rahul Gandhi?

The apex court observed in a landmark and historic judgement, ” There is no occasion to doubt the decision-making process in the deal; there is a necessity to induct fourth and fifth generation fighter aircraft and the country cannot remain without these jets; not the court’s job to deal with the comparative details of the pricing when the need and quality of aircraft is not in doubt; no substantial matter to interfere with the issue of procurement, pricing and offset partner; no material to show that the deal is commercial favouritism; no wrongdoing in the selection of Indian offset partners by Dassault Aviation; questions raised on Rafale deal only after ex-French President Francois Hollande came out with a statement, which can’t be the basis of judicial review; the decision to procure 36 or 126 fighter jets lies with the government, can’t compel the government; nobody questioned procurement of jets when the deal was finalised in September 2016; personal perception of people on the deal matters little but the judiciary has a very constrained jurisdiction in examining defence deals of this nature especially when nation’s adversaries have inducted fourth and fifth generation fighter jets compared to none by India”.

Doesn’t this judgement satisfy Rahul Gandhi’s quest to know the truth? Doesn’t he want Indian Air Force to be strong? Why Congress led UPA government delayed and dumped the Rafale deal? Why is he questioning the valour of Indian armed forces, like he did over the surgical strikes in Pak-occupied-Kashmir on 29th September 2017? The people of India will like to know.