MOSCOW -- Russian pilots have tested the weapons and on-board equipment of the advanced MiG-35 fighter, the Russian Defence Ministry said in a statement Wednesday.

"Pilots of the aviation centre, together with experts from the MiG Corporation, have evaluated the performance of a number of air-to-air and air-to-surface weapon systems," the statement said.

They have also tested the performance of the on-board electronic equipment, integrated avionics control system and the aerodynamic stability and manoeuvrability.

The tests were carried out under the conditions of intensive resistance to electronic warfare devices, in which the on-board equipment proved its effectiveness in all operational ranges, the ministry said.

Special attention was paid to assessing the efficiency of the weapons' guidance and control systems, checking the capabilities and characteristics of detecting airborne, ground-based and floating targets, it said.

In August, the Russian Defence Ministry signed a contract with the MiG Corporation to buy the first batch of MiG-35 aircraft.

Currently, the MiG Corporation is completing the final assembly of these aircraft and preparing for their acceptance tests, the ministry said.

The multi-purpose MiG-35 is a near-fifth generation jet, the most advanced version of the MiG-29 on service since 1982.

Russian President Vladimir Putin said last year that the MiG-35 has improved flight performance and is equipped with the most modern weapons and able to follow 10 to 30 targets simultaneously.